Katy Trail Bike Trip/ Museum of the Dog

6 Jul

Fair St. Louis Shenanigans

6 Jul

Elephant Rock & Johnston Shut-Ins Adventure

2 Jul

Pretty Boy

24 Jun


Cockatiel Lovers: Stay Away from BirdDog Depot

30 May

This blog averages approximately 5,000 unique visitors per month and has a fairly high search engine ranking. In the past, I’ve occasionally exploited this fact to call people out, and this is exactly what I am doing now.

As many readers of this blog will know, I own two cockatiels and a cat, and they’re all best friends. They’re also expensive eaters, so I purchase most of my pet food on amazon.

I purchased two boxes of millet from BirdDog Depot on amazon. Unfortunately, at the time they were using the amazon fulfilment method for “fresh” products, which meant my millet arrived dried up, falling apart, and useless. PJ and Lady wouldn’t even look at it. When I left a negative review, the seller contacted me and demanded (note: demanded) I remove the review. When I held my ground, the company offered to replace my two boxes of millet, in exchange for me removing my negative review. I accepted. A week later, a box arrives. The company had replaced one. When I wrote to inquire about the other, they informed me they’d decided to only offer one as compensation, as “one box” was enough for “one review.” I understandably refused to remove my review. “Rick” (Richard Horvitz) sent an argumentative, accusatory email. I ignored it, but a month half later (yes, a month and a half), Richard Horvitz sent me yet another email demanding me to personally send his business partner a $30 check or remove the review. The tone of this letter was quite threatening and mildly upsetting. I imagine if “Rick” knew I’d be able to track down his legal name and business (Golden Cockatoo, in Deerfield Beach, Florida) he’d have been a little less ridiculous and a little more professional. As it happens, the internet isn’t as anonymous as one would hope.

This is not a typical amazon experience and I think people deserve to know what they’re getting into if they decide to buy from BirdDog Depot. So I’m just going to leave this here.


25 May

As an educator at the Saint Louis Science Center Summer Camp, Katie has become an honorary “Science Nerd”

24 May



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